100th Year Kudumbayogam was held at Puramattom Kannolil (Cheriyavelloor Branch) Mr. K.V. Jacob's Residence. (Dec 2016, 25, 27 & 28).


PERALUMMOOTTIL KUDUMBAYOGAM, is an assemblage of persons that formed a small congregation on or Before 1907 (as per the records reveals that it commenced since then) to continue the relationship between families and to bring them under one roof and helped the members of the family to know each other and to promote mutual understanding among the members of the Peralummoottil Kudumbayogam who are the descendants of common ancestor-One Thommy-a member of the Karavadesseril branch of the Pakalomattom Tharvadu. The said Thommy came from kuravilangad in the year 1700 A.D.He had settled in the renowned ancient area of Central Travancore namely Kallooppara Pakuthy in a house called Vellikkara which is in Kavungumprayar Kara. His family spread and flourished in various places at different house names.Peralummoottil Kudumbayogam now constitute more than 700 families scattered in Central Travancore, all over India, and in different parts of the world.The said family congregation has grown larger and is now called by the name of Kallooppara Peralummoottil Kudumbayogam.


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